Jackson, MS Homeowner Saved From Foreclosure!

“Our home was in foreclosure, Rashad made all of the phone calls and was able to talk down the collectors and save us $80,000.00…”

-Martha P.

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“I wanted to sell my house quickly with no hassle and Keen Home Buyers came right through”

Satisfied Jackson, MS Homeowner
- Rekettsia Warren

Rashad and Keen Home was able to save us close to $80,000. A friend and I had bought a house years ago right out of college. Through the years it served as a great home, but we both got married and moved to different towns. The house needed a lot of time and money and we had neither. It was in foreclosure and there was no way we could deal with the foreclosure process, pay the money we owed on it and come out even. Rashad found us, thank goodness. He dealt with the foreclosure company daily for 3 months, so we didn’t have to, until they offered him a price on it. By the time Rashad was done with it, we walked away without having to pay a penny out of our own pockets. The house is no longer in foreclosure, Rashad was able to purchase it from them for WAY less than what we owed on paper. We walked away from a very difficult situation without owing a penny, all thanks to Rashad and Keen Home Buyers. Use them, you will not regret it , they are a true blessing if your dealing with a housing situation, any housing situation.

- Jessi N.

My family and I inherited a home from my mother after she passed. After staying in the home for about a year we decided that we wanted to sell but was not sure if we could sell the home for enough money to pay off the mortgage. Just so happens we found Rashad from Keen Home Buyers on Facebook. We ended up on their website and submitted our home for consideration for them to buy. We were a little skeptical that it wasn’t going to go anywhere but Rashad contacted us within minutes. After explaining our situation to him and what we were wanting to do, he started to lay out all of the options that he thought was best for us. It was refreshing speaking to him because he didn’t really sound like a salesmen or someone that was pushing to buy our home. He sounded more like someone that was really trying to help us figure out what was best for us. Rashad came by and after looking at our home, he told us that he believed our best option would be for us to try and sell on the open market. He set us up with one of the best realtors in the Jackson area and followed up with us throughout the selling process to make sure we were good and that we got it sold. I’m grateful that I reached out to Rashad and Keen Home Buyers and that they were able to point us in the right direction.

- Erick Morgan

Rashad (Keen Home Buyers) was very informative and professional at all times. He was with me every step of the way with finding a solution. I was stressing about not being able to get out of the situation but he stuck by me and we got it done. It didn’t take long either. Thank you Rashad for everything!

- Tonya Deoqua

I was very pleased with the ease of the closing, and I am grateful to have found someone trustworthy to secure the sale of my house.

I needed to sell a former marital home. After months on the market with lots of interest but next to no offers, I reached out to Rashad. After explaining my situation, I right away found him to be genuine and also experienced. From day one, he communicated regularly, and was available to patiently answer any and all of my questions. He was thorough and very familiar with all of the details, promptly explaining to me what to expect and giving me a list of items to gather to be out in front of what the bank was going to request. In addition to handling much of the paperwork, he also took the lead in communicating with the lender and the realtor, being persistent yet professional throughout the process. In the middle of working out the sale, the lender sold the loan to another servicer. Rashad did not miss a beat and kept things moving forward with the new company. I was very pleased with the ease of the closing, and I am grateful to have found someone trustworthy to secure the sale of my house.

- Damien

To this day I cannot believe how good this deal was.

Many years prior to my wife and I meeting, she had purchased the subject home jointly with a long time friend. The girls lived there with others for a period of time and subsequently rented the home to others. At some point the home became vacant and the condition of the home declined.

As of November, 2019, the girls owed $123,056.18 on the home and the lender was threatening foreclosure. We could not find a buyer in excess of $75,000 and the girls had listed the home for sale to no avail. It is my understanding that the property caught Rashad Sims’, a.k.a. Keen Home Buyers, eye upon it being published for foreclosure. He took some initiative and contacted a relative of my wife and I was provided a phone number for Keen Home Buyers. We discussed the property and conference calls with the servicing company, Rashad and myself ensued. In short order, on November 20, 2019, a third party authorization was executed giving Rashad authority to deal with the servicing company. This was key! Rashad stayed on the servicing company and identified and resolved issues long before the notices of the numerous deficiencies would arrive in the mail. Without Rashad’s persistence, calling in multiple times a week, to keep the ball rolling, we would have never made it to closing.

With Rashad’s guidance, we pursued a non retention option on the home, a short sale. This sounded too good to be true as the lender would possibly accept $50,559.19 in full satisfaction of what the girls owed. On March 18, 2020, this came to fruition at the Closing. The short sale seems nothing short of a miracle for my wife and her co-owner and 99% of the credit is owed to Rashad Sims and Keen Home Buyers! My wife walked away from this horribly upside down investment without having to come out of pocket for overdue taxes, closing costs, realtor fees or anything additional. To this day, I cannot believe how good this deal was.

It was a pleasure and a blessing to have worked with Rashad Sims/Keen Home Buyers on this matter!

- Matthew Alliston
Jackson, MS Homeowner Saved From Foreclosure!

“Our home was in foreclosure, Rashad made all of the phone calls and was able to talk down the collectors and save us $80,000.00…”

-Martha P.

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